About Us.

Having parole representation at the stage of parole can make a huge difference in the end result for yourself or a loved one. Texas Parole and Probation Attorney Trent Marshall of the Schneider Law Firm is prepared to help you in any way possible. Contact the Schneider Law Firm today to schedule your free initial consultation with Parole and Probation Attorney Trent Marshall. Representation for a variety of parole and probation matters are available to Texas residents.

Why Us

Experienced Attorneys

As a former Commissioner for Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles, attorney Trent Marshall knows first-hand the ways in which parole boards operate. He also knows how to ensure that each client's file gets the thorough review it deserves.

Breaking the Rules

Representation from a Parole and Probation attorney can also benefit those who have found themselves back in court after breaking the rules of their probation or parole. Trent Marshal defends clients in parole and probation revocation hearings. 

Other Parole/Probation Services

Other Texas Parole and Probation legal services that are available to parolees include Coleman hearings, assistance preventing drug and alcohol related problems, as well as help with probation or parole officers who may have overstepped their bounds.